Esmail Faghih
Echoes of Iranian Azerbaijani-Turkish Poetry

A Parallel Text in English and Azerbaijani-Turkish

Paperback, 200 Pages
Format: 1
7 x 24,4 cm
18,90 Euro or 19.90 US-Dollars


The present collection is the first attempt, at least in Iran, to try to preserve some of the outstanding pieces of Azerbaijani-Turkish poetry along with their English translations and to make them available to those English readers who appreciate genuine artistic creations in translation regardless of their original language.


The Author
Esmail Faghih, born 1946 in Tabriz/Iran, is an Emeritus professor of TEFL (Alzahra University) who is currently teaching and supervising at IAU, South Tehran Branch. He got his PhD in TESL/TEFL from the University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign, USA in 1980.