Aart Jurriaanse

Ancient Wisdom Revealed

Hardback Edition: ISBN 978-3-929345-
Paperback Edition: ISBN

This book is written brilliantly and clearly a standard work of spiritual wisdom and knowledge about this universe and its inhabitants. It is enlightening and a sheer pleasure to read. It covers all facets of human life and gives answers to many questions every incarnated being has. 

The book in built up in 2 main sections and is subdivided in 31 chapters which contain themselves over 90 more sub-headlines covering the Ancient Wisdom. The author has added no own interpretation to this treatise of a mere "Philosophy of Life". So we can be sure that the information and concepts given, reflect the intention of the old sages prepared for nowadays people and minds.

But this book is not intended to replace the original works upon which is based (the Alice Bailey teachings). Its only object is to be a delicious taster of the perennial Wisdom, which is always handed from the Hierarchy to mankind.

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